quinta-feira, julho 10, 2008

Dvorak para variar

21 dias para as férias. E uma coluninha do Dvorak para o entretenimento geral...

I was amused to read recently about how one fiber-to-the-home scheme
was going to deliver a 20-Mbps downstream connection for $50. The
problem was that the upload speed was a mere 896 Kbps (kilobits per
second). This is simply too slow for today's power user.

Yes, I said it, "power user"—the lost term of the 21st century.

Whatever happened to the power user, anyway? How many newbies out
there even know what a power user is any more? It's a vanishing
species, and even the term has disappeared from glossaries of Web 2.0
terminology. And why isn't a company like Intel promoting the term
just to sell more quad-core chips?

Aqui: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2325037,00.asp?kc=PCRSS03079TX1K0000584

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